• Beneficial conditions for clients!

    • Convenient and intuitive system

    • Cash is instantly transferred to your account

    • Round the clock and fully online

    • Highest client confidence

  • Comprehensive accessibility

    We provide the most popular and fast ways to transfer money for your convenience. You can start investing and receiving interest without leaving your home.

  • Instant money transfer

    When you need money, you need it right now. We understand this and therefore have developed a unique system. Thanks to the use of direct gateways with connected EFT, the system quickly transfers money to your account.

  • Round the clock, without holidays and 100% online

    All you need to do to have a profit is to select the amount and a term of investment on the calculator, and to use Telegram messenger. On average, from the moment of registration in their personal accounts until the initial investment of funds, clients take no more than 4 minutes. Money transfer is made automatically,

  • Thousands of clients trust us

    ROBOT SPIRIT is an officially registered company. ROBOT SPIRIT has a special reputation: more than 80% of clients who make a profit recommend us to their friends, relatives and acquaintances.

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Why do they choose ROBOT SPIRIT?

ROBOT SPIRIT clients can invest and make profits on their accounts without human participation in a fully debugged automated mode.

Instant investment

ROBOT SPIRIT is a system that works without human participation in a fully automatic mode, the personal account balance is replenished in a few seconds, after that you can instantly invest in a convenient tariff plan.

On the way to the best

ROBOT SPIRIT is a client-oriented company, and therefore our system is programmed so that the client, having visited our website, can start investing with the highest level of comfort. Due to the high level of professionalism of the staff of our contact center, more than 92% of problems are solved already during the first contact of clients.

Instant money transfer

Make a request for withdrawal of funds from the ROBOT SPIRIT and you will be able to receive money instantly, due to the fact that the system is directly connected to gateways with leading electronic payment systems.

Thousands of clients trust us

ROBOT SPIRIT is an officially registered company. At the same time, more than 87% of our clients recommend us to their friends, relatives and acquaintances who wish to receive additional income.

Official office in London!
Adress: Aldwych, London, WC2B

Official office in Hong Kong!
Adress: Great George Street, Hong Kong, HK

Official office in New York City!
Adress: Park Avenue, Midtown NY, New York City, 10152

Official office in Geneva!
Adress: Switzerland, Rue de la Cité , Geneva, 1204

Official office in Abu Dhabi!
Adress: Mohammed Bin Khalifa Street (15th St), 00971

It is planned to open a new office

Withdrawal of funds

Advantages of ROBOT SPIRIT

The possibility of investing without an operator

All that is necessary for our clients is simply to have Telegram messenger, further actions for interacting with ROBOT SPIRIT are intuitive and understandable to everyone.

Improve your personal financial profile!

By investing in several tariff plans, the client can have a profit that will exceed the initial investment amount several dozen times.

The most convenient ways for clients to transfer funds

Caring for its clients, ROBOT SPIRIT offers the most convenient and fast ways to deposit and withdraw funds.

Round the clock, without holidays

ROBOT SPIRIT is open 24 hours a day, without a break for lunch or rest. And therefore, you can apply for a withdrawal at any time convenient for you, even on weekends or holidays.

Beneficial conditions for clients

We offer one of the best and optimal interest rates for your financial well-being.

There are no hidden fees.

We always offer our clients the most understandable, transparent and favorable terms of cooperation. We have no hidden fees.

For everyone

Our company is receptive to bona fide clients, providing conditions that are more and more profitable for VIP clients.

Officially registered financial institution

ROBOT SPIRIT investment microfinance organization is a registered financial institution. Each client can review company’s documents in the appropriate section on the site.

4 minutes to register

On average, our clients need only 4 minutes to start interacting with the ROBOT SPIRIT. It should be noted that 95% of clients consider our service very convenient to use.


Registration ROBOT SPIRIT is a powerful and easy-to-use system!

Investment activity with ROBOT SPIRIT opens up new growth prospects for your savings through a significant expansion of available financial instruments. The mission of the ROBOT SPIRIT investment microfinance organization is to provide high-quality service and ensure consistently high returns on investing the funds of its clients. An important point in the choice of investment is the tariff plan. We have developed a wide range, striving to meet the various needs of clients. At the end of the working period specified in your tariff plan, you can reinvest the deposit or, if you are satisfied with your profit, withdraw all profits with your funds instantly and use them for something you could not afford before.

We provide beneficial conditions for a successful tomorrow!

The main principle of the ROBOT SPIRIT investment microfinance organization is to provide clients with impeccable service that meets the most demanding requirements. The success and reputation of ROBOT SPIRIT as a reliable partner is determined by a team of experienced employees who are united in the task of quality client service, whose professionalism we are constantly improving. ROBOT SPIRIT with great care builds long-term trusting relationships with each client. The interests of clients are priorities for us, and therefore the ROBOT SPIRIT sets itself the task of providing clients with transparent reporting and information and analytical support.